Our mission is to help new and existing investors leverage group efforts and resources when getting into real estate investing.

Hall Real Estate is a Real Estate investment company that helps individuals invest in real estate by leveraging partnerships and investment opportunities to help meet short-term and long-term financial objectives. With our unique resources, partnerships, and investment projects we connect investors with great investment opportunities that match their financial goals.  We are passionate about helping individuals pull together resources to invest in real estate.

Shaquille Hall

Director & Founder

Shaquille Hall is a multifaceted entrepreneur with a background in finance, real estate and business. He started his first business and purchased his first property at the age of 22 while finishing his undergrad at the University of Windsor. Today, he has several businesses across 4 industries that operate locally and internationally. He is passionate about helping people achieve financial freedom and reach their definition of success. Shaquille started Hall Real Estate to help individuals that have always wanted to get into Real estate but never had enough resources and for individuals looking to expand their current real estate portfolio with the powers working together to reach a common goal. Hall Real Estate creates partnerships and investments into real estate easier.

Outside of business, Shaquille is very involved in his community. He regularly tutors high school youth on finances. He also speaks at various engagements to inspire and motivate youth and other entrepreneurs interested in getting into business and become entrepreneurs and chase their dreams!

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