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Get treated like a bank through Private lending!  Set almost any amount of interest you feel comfortable, while knowing that your investment is backed by a real estate assets. Tired of your annual return on investment in your RRSP’s? How does 7% or double digit returns sound better? We can help you structure a mortgage within your self-directed RRSP fund. We would love to discuss your options for lending from your RRSPs further with you, and how we can safely and securely help you utilize your RRSP funds for the better future that you deserve.
Private lending requires experience and creativity and we are always open-minded and forward thinking when structuring the best solution for our lenders. We provide a combination of solutions whether it be various private options and/or stakes. For larger projects we also provide syndicated funds as well. Each lender have unique requirements and affinity for risk, and we take note of all these traits and personalize each lenders portfolio; ensuring that we properly distribute each investor’s funds in strategies that would suit them best. If you have funds you’re considering and just don’t know all of your options, give us a call and let us plan the best strategy for your long-term wealth solution.
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